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We Have The Clover Solution You Need!

With Clover Merchant Services, we focus on providing your business with a payment processing system that is easy to use, secure, has many built-in features, accepts various payment types, and all on a very sleek device. Our all-in-one systems will truly empower your business to grow.


Clover Merchant Services

The ULTIMATE POS Solution!

Power your business with a complete point-of-sale system that’s easy to work with and extend. Do it all, from payments to operations and management..

Clover Station Solo: the all-in-one POS

Run your business with the sleek and powerful Mini, a POS that fits in any space. Everything you need is right on the device.

Clover Mini: a small POS for your countertop

Power in the palm of your hand– at the counter, at the table, or on the go. This portable device is packed with all the features of a full POS system.

Clover Flex: the handheld POS system 

Clover Kiosk: self ordering for restaurants 

Our all-in-one device features an enterprise grade 24" display, versatile payment terminal, and a built-in printer, all with low-touch set up.

Secure, Simple, Robust.

Taking Your Business To New Levels
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